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gourd head dolls are coming along. Yesterday I was dyeing fabrics for hair and skin. I am not certain about the skin color… it might be alright if I am going to paint the hands. The brown is not rich enough. I dyed 2 sets of hands… hopefully I won’t destroy more then 2 arms when I trying to turn the fingers.

The bald girl in the middle went through 3 arms to get 2, not bad! And it took me 4 legs to get 2 good ones… twice I poked my screwdriver (stuffing tool) through the fabric- argh! I am still trying to figure out how to place her legs. I am thinking of her as a sitting doll, but they also have to look right standing up.

I have started knitting a sweater for the toddler- no name yet. I couldn’t find a knit fabric or old sweater in my stash or at Salvation Army, that matched what I have in mind, so now I’ve got 2 mini knitting projects going. Raglan sleeve designs work really well for dolls.

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