more from my garden



The garden is amazing right now. It seems as though all the plants are blooming at the same time! Everything that survived the terrible winter is trying to prove something by going all out this summer.
I love the poppies when they bloom- they look so messy until they do- I am sure my neighbors wonder why I’m not weeding more, but then suddenly they are blooming everywhere and people stop their cars and ooh and ahh. Usually they continue for about 3 weeks. These are annual poppies and spread their seeds all over so they bloom in cracks in the sidewalk and other odd places that the wind and the rain carry their seeds. They are traveling around the neighborhood.
The second photo is Monarda- it can be weedy and wild, but smells so nice when I am pulling it out!
The daylilies are starting up now and they all are looking very promising- the ones that aren’t blooming yet have lots of buds. It has been a good season so far for everything in the garden.
There are lots of photos of my garden here, and the pictures I took today start here- in case you ever wonder what grows in Boston, MA.