making a mohair cat- #4

I am finishing up kitty #4. She is a black and white kitty, knitted with mohair. This turned out to be harder then the other ones. I couldn’t see my stitches and that made keeping track of what I was doing very difficult. On the other hard, it hides any mistakes!

I first tried to follow the same basic pattern as the other kitties. Unfortunately, knitting in a white nose just wasn’t working out. The white mohair I had was thinner then the black.

cat nose

I took this out and decided to knit a separate piece that would become the sewed on nose. I finished up everything else and when I stood her up, I had a serious case of mushy feet. The black mohair knitted up into a great (for this purpose) dense fabric. The white was too soft, especially for feet.

white feet

Off with the feet! I cut them off, picked up the stitches and reknit them.


Much better!

balack cat

I found perfect button eyes for her- after much searching through my button stash. I forgot I had these. My stash is mostly single buttons, which rarely turn out to be useful. Now that I look at the picture though, I think I need to adjust the eye placement a bit… something looks skewed to me. Tomorrow I will post pictures of her dressed. I made another little crocheted hat and it is drying right now after starching and blocking.