My softie knitty kitty

Here he is-


and now ready for winter…


He is 12 inches tall.

I am making another one and trying to write down the pattern. I’ve got the head and torso done, but it isn’t coming out at all the same – :-)
Pretty soon I’ll have a whole litter of kittens because I want to make a mohair one and a black one, a long skinny one and on and on! Sooner or later I might get a pattern written down and working.

14 thoughts on “My softie knitty kitty

  1. I’d be tempted to reteach myself how to knit to make a little kitty like that. He’s just too dear!

  2. Oh mimi! He is just too cute…I ended up frogging mine…I just wasn’t happy (the head proportions got all messed up…and it was a grumpy day)…..yours came out delightful…kudos to you:)

  3. So cute! I keep seeing requests for animal patterns on knitting lists because so many of the patterns out there are so blech. I think this one would be popular if you decide to share it. Well done.

  4. Your brown kitty reminds me so-o-o much of a fabric kitty that I had as a child. I think my beloved Grandma Cora made it for me. If you will be selling the pattern, I’d love to have a chance to buy it!!

  5. oh yes! please write up the pattern..
    I agree with a.l – it is a very cute cat without being yuech as so many animal / toy patterns are….

  6. Did you ever make up a pattern for the kitty? Hes so beautiful, and I love knitting toys!

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