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I got bombed this morning by trackback spam. After erasing more then 50 trackbacks (and they kept coming in as I was erasing), I had Ben turn off the trackback option.

I’ve done some work on these ladies-

dolls in the window

I am finding it frustrating though- I am not pleased with the proportions, or the faces ,,, for now they are sitting on the window sill, watching me do other things. I went down to the grocery store before dinner and I loved seeing them in the window when I came back.

I have pulled out my patterns again.


This project is once again being led by doll hair thoughts/ ideas (like Autumn). I bought a piece of cashmere goat skin. It is very straight, long hair. I am itching to make a doll with this hair. I’ve got to figure out how to dye it successfully. I want black.
I’ve been spending some time looking at the Volks Super Dollfie dolls. There was a lot of photos in the January 2005 issue of Haute Doll magazine… a magazine I’ve never bought before- not my usual area of interest- it says on the cover- Haute Doll, the magazine for dolls who love to shop. Funny.

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  1. I picked up that issue as well, just when I was about to give up on that mag. I really like the idea of that doll, but the price is a bit out of reach. I’ll just have to stick to clothing the dolls I’ve got, such as Bluette or Tyler Wentworth.

  2. Yes, I use pins to hold the stuffing in place in the nose… I have started using safety pins after too many bloody heads from straight pin injuries! I start stuffing the head until it is shaped but still pretty soft. I use forceps to stick a wad of stuffing right in the nose, put a pin in, then finish stuffing. I then needle sculpt the nose and everything stays in place.
    Before doing this, I always had wrinkles in the nose because the stuffing would not stay where I put it!

  3. Would you consider sending me the pattern for your black and white cat? I am desperate to find a knitting pattern for a cat. My daughter wants one for xmas. Thank you.