good stuff

things are happening!
My test workshop went well. I learned a lot and Lois was pleased. I have a lot more work to do if I want it to go really smoothly.

On Wednesday night I sold a doll from my website- sight unseen. This is the first time this has happened. Very exciting!
1958 Hand-me-downs is on her way to Kansas!

I am actually working on something for the Month of Softies April theme- the recycled monster. Very late, since I wasn’t thinking I’d do it… but then inspiration struck! More on that tomorrow.

And lastly- I got a huge box of gourds today with a surprise in it. When I started preparing for my test workshop, I realized I needed to order gourds. I spent an evening researching and then on Monday I ordered 25 bottle gourds, under 5″ across the top. The cost averaged out to $3 each with the shipping. The box came this evening around 6:30- don’t those UPS guys ever get to go home? Anyway, after dinner I opened the box and peaked in- it looked okay and I didn’t bother to unpack it or anything. After a little while, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. There was a mouse in the box! Boy, it must have been really surprised to find itself in a new place!
I figured I better check the box after that- outside. There were a lot more then 25 gourds in the box- that’s good. But 4 of them had holes chewed in them- maybe the mouse did that during the trip. At least 5 more had serious enough flaws to make them unusable for dolls. About half the gourds are bigger then I really like. Some of them are damp. And I have only done a very cursory inspection so far. I wonder if this is standard. The other time I bought gourds it was through ebay and they were much better. I don’t know if my expectations were unrealistic. I think I will have enough good ones to do my workshop, so I’m okay though disappointed.