Quilt done!

It’s done! Here it is out in the backyard-


this is how I signed it- (it says “finally finished 2005)


and then I washed it- it was really pretty dirty after all these years. I was very worried I would ruin it, but it really needed washing. The quilt has a wool batting and I don’t remember if I prewashed the fabrics all those years ago. I used a warm wash and rinse and the delicate cycle. I let it almost dry outside and then put it in the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes with a fabric softener sheet- I was hoping to get the cat hair and other miscellaneous fuzz off of it. Now it is clean and a little bit wrinkly- just right really.

Here it is, posing!


0 thoughts on “Quilt done!

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful! congrats! It must feel wonderful to watch it come together over the years and finally be able to enjoy it now :)

  2. Woo Yay! As they say! It is gorgeous. I hope this has given you the courage to make more quilts!

  3. Beautiful work! I loved being able to see it out in the sun! I hope I can someday finish our family heirloom in as nice a fashion! I know you will feel pleasure everytime you walk into that room and look at your lovely handiwork!