I am sorting through the stuff I’ve brought home from my parents house. I am walking a thin line between being inspired and overwhelmed. Actually right now I am overwhelmed, but I am working toward getting control and then being inspired… So I’m trying to organize what I will keep and get rid of a certain amount of stuff- that’s the hard part. I have an aversion to putting stuff into the trash, so I feel like I need to find good homes, as if the stuff was kittens!

I went to the library to see if I could find some books about stuffed animal making. I’m thinking about that direction for the woolen fabrics- you can see I’ve got a lot to work with-


I’m packing it up for now. I’ll put it out of sight and make decisions about what to keep after a few experiments.


There are similar piles of silk, bark cloth, table linens, art books, interesting papers and old sewing notions. And this is just the stuff I’m considering keeping. There is lots of other stuff that I’m listing on ebay and/or calling local dealers about. In my house this could be a never ending process.

I’ve got to get to doing some of my own work. I’m getting cranky. Always a sign.

5 thoughts on “drowning

  1. Hi Mimi – I have been watching your clear out for a while – its a huge task. I noticed you said you were getting cranky – a sure sign I think of an addicted maker as I too get crancky if for some reason I do not have time to be working on something. Its a curious phenomenon as I am sure people sho do not make stuff do not understand!

  2. I can relate to the difficulties of getting rid of someone else’s possessions. I have been struggling with that for years as I inherited four estates. I think I am going to go into this on my blog because I just had some revelations in the past week. Good for you for taking this on and by all means pack it up and revisit it later.

  3. I come from a big family of crafters and collectors, too, and it is so difficult to give (or sell, or anything..) away! And it will never go into the trash. My own stuff? No problem! What is it with inhereted items? Anyway, you will certainly be able to make some fantastic animals with that fabric.

  4. I agree that fabric is like kitten, that I cannot throw them away as trash either. That’s why I got so sad and upset when I know some of the fabric I sent ot a customer got lost on the way. I’d like to see them have a good home. :D

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