fall garden pictures

I am loving the fall garden- which is surprising since I have hardly spent any time nurturing it this summer and it’s been very dry. The garden is mature enough to survive some neglect. It is the fall light that is so beautiful.

The front along the sidewalk-

front of garden

fall crocus-

fall crocus

blackberry lily-

blackberry lily



morning glories climbing up the side of the house-

morning glories

late roses-

pink rose

yellow rose

more stuff

I found the buckle I wanted and finished up my bag. So far, so good- it is working very well.


I am back from a few more days at my parents house, recovering from an overdose of cleaning, sorting and organizing… I ought to be doing that at my own house. This time I brought home some of the the Japanese dolls that my parents recieved as gifts over the years. They are beautifully made and I’ve been looking forward to having them for years!

They need a little cleaning and grooming. I will have to be very careful not to damage them. The fabrics are a bit faded but they are somewhere between 25 to 40 years old and considering that, they are in good shape. These other dolls are washi dolls- they are made of paper.


I also brought home some of my pottery that I’d made and given to my Mom years ago.

pottery 1

pottery 2

On the drive home I stopped for a little retail cheer-up therapy at The Wrights Factory Outlet. These are the ribbons I bought-

ribbon 1

I love these ribbons with words. My favorites are ? and !

ribbon 2

random fabulous blogginess

From The Frankie Files, this great patent drawing of a doll pattern and another of a sewn cat.

Marianna is doing some amazing dolls- here and here. All her artwork knocks my socks off, so when I saw that she had turned her talent to dolls- WoW!

Rosa posted a link to Ryoko Ishii’s site. Wonderful painted dolls. I need to go back and spend an hour looking at everything.

I can’t remember where I found this link about painting your shoes, but this may be in my future.