stash enhancement (?)

Clearing out my parents house has lead to a huge influx of possible usable art materials into my house- I am not sure if I should classify it as enhancement or distraction. I have found all sorts of little paper ephemera, old books that are falling apart, old christmas cards with interesting stamps on the envelopes… get the picture? I have always been inspired by materials around me and so this is pushing me to try some collage- How can I resist?

Here is a sample- I have found this old french first-aid manual from 1929. The pictures are amazing!


Do people cut up the actual images or scan onto archival papers and save the originals?

I also have a huge pile of fabric scraps to contemplate- mostly beautiful silk, wool and cashmere. Some with large scale grid, plaid or check patterns. It is the cashmere that really calls to me, but it is coat material and how can I incorporate it into my doll work? It calls out to be touched and petted… hmmm, ideas percolating….

Doll club today- I am giving a presentaion on atc’s.

0 thoughts on “stash enhancement (?)

  1. I scan them, and store them on CD’s in categories that I’ll remember. I rarely cut up original documents, and I only save things that seem especially precious or valuable. Your site is so beautiful! I don’t know how I missed it until now.

  2. Thinking about emphemera…you could make little books for some of your dolls. That would be a lovely detail. If a book is just falling apart, I’d go ahead and reuse it. Maybe not one with visuals (I’ve been using a 100 year old math book in my collage work…lovely texture and gives my pieces unusual complexities with the writing) but plain writing, etc.

    I’m admiring your lovely ceramics…so beautiful and poetic, esp. the woman in water. Have fun with your finds!