distracted again!


I’ve gone off on another tangent… Santa did it. I’ve got a bunch of these dolls in my head that just have to be made, so the animals will have to wait, I’m afraid.

This second Santa has a different kind of fur for his hair and beard-

santa 2

santa 2 face

and this mermaid; she isn’t made from wool. She is made from linen napkins that I got last year at the Antique and Collectible Show. I got them at the end when they said to fill up a bag for $1. Her hair is linen too.

mermaid2 face


lastly is this little winter girl. She started looking a bit too close to Rosa’s dolls… the circle face.

winter girl

These dolls are circling my thinking back to some of my first dolls. Faces and materials of these dolls-here and here. The hair on this lady.