how it really works…

I love watching That’s Clever on HGTV. The artist shows a project, goes to their imaculate work space and in about 8 minutes, it is all done! That’s not how it works at my house.

I was thinking, back on Friday, I really want to get to work on some more Fat Fairies! Up to my attic… pull out the fabric, try to find all the pieces for the patterns. Then I realize that I don’t have enough pinky skin- toned wool left. That means I’ve got to dye some more. Which involves finding a selection of white (ish) wool fabrics to dye. And finding the dye. I KNOW I have both of these neccessities somewhere. First, find the fabric. Okay, look through all the bins that I’ve been trying to organize the wool into. Nope. Then pull out everything in the attic (studio) closet. I didn’t find the fabric I want but I decide to try reorganizing it again to see if I can make the space work any better. And get rid of some of the stuff. Now go into the deeper attic storage areas. Actually I’ve been meaning to sort through that stuff anyway. I now have a big pile of stuff to sell on ebay- related to wool rug hooking- and another pile of fabric to donate to the Fashion School in Boston. And I finally did find some white fabric, although I’m pretty sure there is more around here somewhere. Finding the dye was a similar adventure, but now- this afternoon – I have a nice pile of pink skin tones in a variety of wooly texture. Here they are, pre-ironing, ready to join my bin of multi-hued skin tone fabrics!


3 thoughts on “how it really works…

  1. How very true!! I’m in the midst of trying to re-organize my work space; so far I’ve been at it for three days and still no end in sight. I only wish it were as easy as it looks on TV.

  2. Subsitute “basement” for “attic” and you’ve got my house, too. How do you get such a nice range of colors? Separate dye lots (a lot of work)!

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