8 thoughts on “mermaid 5

  1. I can’t believe all the snow. we have been so spoiled this year…and then this!! I have to say the mermaid reminds me of one of the guys across the street…he was shoveling his driveay in a down jacket and a pair of shorts. Only in New England!
    I took the book Anatomy of a Doll out of the library and it is amazing! It must take a huge amount of practice!! I also ordered a book on ebay by elinor peace bailey. It is all about painting doll faces. I love her dolls but I have never used one of her patterns…anyway, thank you for the advice. hopefully I will be posting some “experiments” soon!!

  2. She is lovely and the snow makes her look super tan. I am always a sucker for the handspun wool for hair…just love it. Do you needle felt your hair on or sew it?

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