robot 1

I’ve been thinking about robots for a while- they are all over in bloggyville. I was sort of arguing with myself about making one- seemed like why bother when everyone else was already doing such great stuff? The thing that pushed me forward was rather odd. Husband was browsing the TV channels and all of a sudden I hear him yelling- come here! There is my brother Paul, on the History Channel show of Failed Inventions. He was the expert they were interviewing between every film segment. Of course we had to watch the whole thing… and there was a segment that showed black and white film footage of a person in a robot costume advertizing a store opening. It was a great costume, a great robot- probably early 60’s. Anyway, that’s what stuck in my head and gave me the push to finally make this one.

robot 1

(btw- the one in the show didn’t look anything like this)

robot head

He has a zipper mouth- no it doesn’t open. Felted wool beads for his ears/antennae. His shoulder joints are also felted wool beads. His hands/claws are the hook parts of a hook and eye set. He is all wool and 17 1/2 inches tall.

robot side

I had so much fun making this guy that I am onto my next robot already!

10 thoughts on “robot 1

  1. Very cool robot! Always good to see how other people interpret a similar theme. I especially love the zipper mouth. And how funny to suddenly see your brother on TV like that. :-)

  2. I shoulda know to come over to the blog to get the real scoop! No matter that the mouth doesn’t open; he is still way too cool.
    Glad to hear you are making more; can’t wait to see the next one!

  3. He is quite fabulous! I am glad you went ahead and made a robot despite feeling everyone else was doing it too — he is magnificent.

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