doll quilt

One of the many great things about belonging to a doll club, is that people clean out their stashes and bring their leftovers along to give away. I’ve gotten some great syuff this way. Last month, Jenny brought a pile of old linens including this very old piece of a quilt top-


someone had sewn a backing onto it. It is not in great condition, but still very pretty. You can see the original colors on the inside compared to the faded top-



It is hand stitched with tiny stitches


I decided to make a doll quilt. I washed it and put a thin cotton batting between the top and the backing. I then stiched the layers and here it is!

quilt done

quilt back

It is 15 1/4 inches by 21 1/2 inches.

3 thoughts on “doll quilt

  1. I have one very similar to that made by my grandmother when I was a little girl! It’s very dear to me and now about 55 years old. Guess it would qualify as an antique quilt now. Nicely done.

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