robot update and other stuff

I have had several enquiries about selling the robot dolls. I am trying to figure out what I want to do. For some unknown reason I am feeling very attached to the last group of dolls- the robots and grandmas- unusual for me. Anyway, I continue to think about making and publishing patterns for these dolls. The wool dolls seem like they would be fun and easy. I am going to try giving myself a deadline- I will make up patterns of the finished robots this week and will list the finished dolls for sale next week- probably in Etsy, unless someone just wants to contact me directly. They will be around $100 each I think.

This beautiful tree peony is blooming in my garden right now- I love it.



And, I made myself a reminder bracelet- now I need to absorb or embrace this idea…


it’s made using shrink plastic and Sharpie marker.

0 thoughts on “robot update and other stuff

  1. Mimi! How can you bear to break up that group of robot dolls? They look so wonderful together.
    (I still love my polka-dot Grandma!)

  2. What beautiful peonies! I know the feeling of not wanting to sell something you’ve made, that you’ve fallen in love with! Why not make a similiar one and sell that?

    Love the reminder bracelet…I should make one for myself too. Have a good day!

  3. I love the bracelet. It love it’s simplicity and it’s message. So true and I personally, always need reminding.