slow motion

Things seem to be moving slowly around here. It was incredibly hot for a few days, better today. Also, Eleanor is home from Cape Town- horray! I am working on this female version of a robot, a fembot I guess. A number of people suggested that my dalek inspired robot was female- I thought I would try to do it on purpose. She is coming along slowly. She is of the Rosie school of robot.

robot 7

Some random robot parts on my desk-


and a tool I already had but just discovered works really well with the wool and felt-


It is a hole punch. I bought it to use when putting in eyelets. You hit it with a hammer. Perfect little holes!

0 thoughts on “slow motion

  1. I think I am going to love Fembot she looks so colourful.
    What a great idea of using hooks and snaps for the blue robot. He is adorable.