swaddled babies

swaddle babies

I did the adjustments from this photo. In case you don’t notice, I changed the hats on 2 of them- the beige checks and the fall color stripes. Made them bigger, 2 layer and not stitched right to the edge so there is more dimension to the whole face. I took off an inch or more from the red baby’s blanket on the bottom. It makes for a better proportion in my eye. I’m picky, picky, picky about this stuff.

sbaby 2

sbaby 3

sbaby 3 face

sbaby 4

#2- recycled woven cashmere check, recyled vintage sweater hat
#3- recyled wool sweater body and hat, cashmere face
#5- vintage wool knit fabric (fulled), vintage ribbon, recycled wool sweater hat

all stuffed with polyester stuffing.

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  1. I can’t stand it: your work is too gorgeous!!! I wish I was your neighbour, so I could see it all in person!