this and that

Our elusive kitty, Mango. He doesn’t usaually allow photos.


Fall flowers- asters and chrysanthemums. We haven’t had a frost yet and the flowers are still blooming.

fall flowers

How I drive myself crazy… working away and lose one eye. Search everywhere, waste way too much time. It showed up eventually.


I am working on a group of sweater babies. I thought I should finish them up before I get distracted by the robot.


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  1. My cat always closes his eyes. I have one photo where his eyes are open. Also, I lose hooks and pieces all the time and get frustrated, and by the time I find what I lost I’m tired and irritated.

  2. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes I think there might be little elves running away with things and then bringing them back. Or I wonder if there are playful ghosts in the house as the house is quite old hee… hee…