making myself crazy


I finished my valentine/ heart themed postcards. I wanted to make note cards from them. I also wanted to donate one to our local Art Center February show. I ran out of time. It took longer then I expected to make the cards. The time at the printers overlapped with the deadline to enter into the show- then I was paralyzed. What do I do!? Through shear ineptness (is that a word?) I managed to miss the drop-off deadline which helped me make a decision. The cards are at the printers now and hopefully I will have sets of the 6 images in my etsy shop by the end of the week. A bit late for Valentines Day, but really I think these cards would be good any old time.

6 thoughts on “making myself crazy

  1. oh I love those! they convey that feeling of being at home but still feeling loved by something “out there” but is that just me? I haven’t had breakfast yet. :-) so sweet AS USUAL. Love love love your work.

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