some things get done

Here is the weekly progress report on my blanket-


let’s see, I started it on 1/9 and now it is 24 inches long. That might be half way. It is very drapey and warm to work on.

Well, I got a piece into the show after all! It turns out they are being very relaxed about accepting work so I brought over my piece today.


First though, I framed it up. I was lucky that the postcard fit perfectly into an 8 x 10 standard frame. I backed the postcard with linen. As I was pulling out various lengths and scraps of possibilities, I came across a reminder of why I like working with my Mom’s fabric-


It all feels like so much family history.

I also framed up this one-


and it will be going up to New Hampshire for the Lovely Hearts Show at Artstream.

Update on the cards- I have the original postcards back from the printers and that why I could submit them to the shows. The notecards are suppose to be ready for me on Friday… they had to order the paper and various other delays. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will put them into my etsy shop then. Does anyone have a great source of the clear sleeves for packaging them? I am a real beginner at this end of things!

7 thoughts on “some things get done

  1. I actually rec’d samples from Clearbags. They had a great variety to choose from.
    I loved the little note pinned on by your Mom. That must have been your smile of the day! My late Mom is everywhere when I am sewing especially since I am using the same machine that she sewed with.

  2. your postcards look so sweet framed up with fabric behind…may have to do it that way with mine :) i love how they are both holding the hearts in their hands.

    lucky julian! what a gorgeous scarf!! :)

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