more postcards and more info on the joints


I finally finished these postcards and have put them in my Etsy shop.

I thought I’d highlight Judi’s comment to make sure that everyone sees it. I love the story of how she invented the hidden button joint technique-

“Hi Everyone:
Thank You Mimi for the great explanation of my invisible Jointing method. It is such a great method for jointing and safe for children.
Safety for children was what made me invent it in the first place. I had a doll and craft shop in Idaho, and a customer came in and was exclaiming over the dolls, but would not buy on because the covered buttons were on the outside of the limbs. (I covered them with the dolls skin fabric so they didn’t show much)
She said they were dangerous…soooo….a bit of serious thinking transpired, inside they went, and WOW! What a better way to do it, unless the buttons are for decoration of course.
Mimi, your Emma Rose bears no resemblance to the “real” Emma Rose….WOW! what an adaptation! A combination of a Vintage style with contemporary. Love It!
I hope all who try the inside jointing will persevere through the part where you are pulling the joints tight….That is the hardest part as Mimi says. I have done it for so many years (1975 or 76) that don’t even think about it,,,,but here is a hint…Pull, press the dolls body with the thumb on your right hand without letting up at all on the pulling. Then with the cords in the left hand do the quick wrapping between the body and limb, …Then tie…
It is the Pressing down on the body that makes it a one person job. BUT…If you have a second person, they can press the joint area down after you pull, for the same result.
Dolly Hugs, Judi”

7 thoughts on “more postcards and more info on the joints

  1. I am so happy I caught this post early in the day! I ran over to your shop and bought #5 robot, and I am so excited! Also, thank you for posting Judi’s explanation, I really enjoy knowing the thought process behind the technique.

  2. Lovely cards Mimi!

    I’m writing an article about a doll maker who mentioned Judi Ward, so I looked her up on the net yesterday. The world is just so small nowadays!

  3. Talk about small world! I was just looking on the internet for how to create a doll joint, and the google search brought up your blog entry! I should have known that you would have shared this tip with the world.

    I’m thinking about exploring some interesting fox dolls during the holiday break and was getting prepared during my thinking phase.

    Thanks so much Mimi!

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