I’m back!

We had a wonderful time in Ithaca!


1. Ithaca Falls, 2. Tree roots 1, 3. Taughannock State Park, 4. Buttermilk Falls, 5. Buttermilk Falls, 6. Buttermilk Falls, 7. Butterfly and yellow echinacea, 8. Buttermilk Falls, 9. Ithaca woods, 10. Taughannock Falls, 11. maidenhair fern, 12. Lucifer Falls from above, 13. Stairs and more stairs, 14. Lucifer Falls, 15. Treman State Park, 16. Buttermilk Falls

We walked and saw lots of waterfalls and beautiful woods. We were mystified by the lack of buzzing, biting insects. Enjoyed excellent weather.  I’ve posted tons of photos over on Flickr.
We saw Hair at the Hangar Theater– we loved it!  And, of course I found some places to shop-


I got these treasures at a little antique shop. I also found the local Salvation Army store- there is nothing like a thrift store in a college town- wow, it was fantastic!

We ate a delicious dinner at the Moosewood Restaurant-  We had to go- the Moosewood cookbook was so much a part of being young in the 70’s.
I got Peter to play Scrabble with me- he beat me both times!  And I got a little work done on my tikis.  I brought a ton of magazines with me- ones I never seem to get around to reading.  I went through them, tearing out inspiration, recycling what I didn’t want.  That felt like a big project accomplished!

Now that I’m home, I’ve got to get onto my fabric printing.  I’ll show something about that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Sounds like a lovely time. The face in photo 4 is great.
    I still use my Moosewood Cookbook….great food.

  2. Ithaca, my home town, or rather the closest town to my childhood home. I loved your pictures so much I just booked a flight to go there. Thanks Mimi for reminding me how beautiful it is!

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