market report

The Market was fantastic! I was so lucky- Sunday was a perfect weather day (unlike cold, windy and rainy Saturday) and there were crowds of people. I met and talked to interesting people, handed out many magnets, sold lots of stuff and am all charged up to get back to my studio and make more art!

Here is our booth, first thing in the morning.


I spent some energy last week rethinking my display. For this sale, I used some vintage suitcases as risers, put out fewer dolls and kept my extra inventory out of sight. I think it helped keep the table from looking like such a jumble and if someone was interested in something, I pulled out my similar dolls to show them. It worked out very well.


The day started off with a bang when a man bought 2 Tattooed men and the naked robot! It was only later that I realized that I’d never gotten a group shot of the tattooed men- oh well, I’m not complaining-hehe. I will do separate posts with photos of the other 2 guys.

I have been accepted to show at Craftland in Providence, RI for the month of December. Hurray!

And, a garden peek- this is a pod on my tree peony. Such beautiful colors.


12 thoughts on “market report

  1. Mimi, What great news about your Market Day! The vintage suitcases as risers is so perfect for your dolls and reducing the number out on the table is a good idea, too. By the sounds of your first sale of the day, it worked!
    Never saw the pods of a tree peony – cool!

  2. Wow! What a lucky guy to get 2 tattooed guys and the brilliant Naked Robot. How nice for you too.. but he is obviously a man of great taste.
    And congrats on getting into Craftland.

    I cant get my alleged tree peony to make flowers.. let alone pods!

  3. Your booth looks terrific. What a great sale to start off the day! Congratulations.

    I like to use vintage suitcases too. They look so cool, and then you carry stuff (hopefully cash) home in them too. :)

  4. Awesome! I think you’ve found your target market. The guy who bought the two men and the robot is one lucky dude! And Craftland is really awesome. A very well put together show.

  5. will you have a booth at any more south end markets? i was planning on going up before the end of season.

  6. Hi. Just passing by your site and I have to say that you have lovely things you’ve made, and I agree this peony pod is absolutely gorgeous…the richness of the brown hues, and the shiny texture is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.

  7. your stall looks fantastic! thanks for the comments on my first one. It was such a fantastic learning experience and I felt like all my blog friends all over the world where waiting for that post to see if I had made it! I love that it was a guy that bought your men, I wonder what he will do with them?

  8. Is it possible to be born another robot, so wonderfully naked, like the one this lucky-good-taste guy took with him? Although we (me and naked robot) never met, it’s just like a part of me has been taken..

    Oh! And by the way, you overcame yourself with the tattooed. It’s always a great surprise come and visit your blog!

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