Mr. Handsome

Pretty much the same pattern as the tattooed guys, but in wool-


He is 23 1/4 inches tall.



It is so hard to get a photo with the colors right.  On my computer, the colors on the one below look right.  The herringbone is black and a grape jelly purple.  The yellow shirt is a warm buttery color.


I have a few more coming and then I’ll tell you where they came from.

11 thoughts on “Mr. Handsome

  1. I like these guys. I went back and looked at the tattooed fellas and I loved the idea of using the printed material as the tattoos.

  2. I’m imagining that this is what the tattooed guys look like when they dress up to go visit their mothers… ;-} Beautiful embroidery on the lips!

  3. He is indeed. I love the way he is standing in position one. I am with Rebecca I like the buns :)
    Colors especially purple are hard to get in photos.

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