garden update

remember the tomato plants I put into containers in May? Well, they are amazing! Better then I ever expected. They are growing like crazy-

The “containers” are holding up pretty well although one has a hole in the side. It is not causing any problems as of yet. The plants are covered with green tomatoes.  And, this morning, I pick the first tomato off the cherry tomato plant-

You can ignore the dirty gardening hands…

In the front of the house, the flowers are looking great- crocosmia and poppies- perfect reds.

coreopsis “moonbeam” and a self-seeded lavender-

and the alliums in the garden-

and the ones I’ve been pulling out before they drop any MORE seeds!

back to the studio

I’m liking this fortune. Enough of the pretending that I am going to clean my house, organize my studio and weed the garden. Not working makes me crabby and anxious. So, back to my cool, dry (air-conditioned) oasis. Ahhhhh!

I need to get my hands back to wool. I’ve put the toile and tattoo men to the side for a while.

I’ve got poppies and Luna moths on my mind.

project report

My studio needs a major clean up and so does my house so it will be a few days before I will be showing any new work. Fortunately (?) I am way behind in posting about some other totally cool stuff. So, without further ado…

I participated in a round robin called the Paperbag Swag book project. (Here is a link to all the posts) It came to an end  and I got my book back at the beginning of June.  I made these mosaics using the photos that we posted in our flickr group. The first mosaic (click for flickr linkage) is of the pages that the other 5 participants made for my book-

We each had a theme for our book which we incorporated into the cover design. Mine was identity. I was thinking about it in terms of- where do I fit into the art world, the internet world, how do I view myself, how do others view me, how does my artwork help define who I am… It was so interesting to see how the other artists used the prompt.

Below are the pages that I made for the other books. (flickr links)

I loved this project. It gave me a reason and a place to experiment. I was very excited with some of the work I did, outside of my usual format. It most definitely sparked ideas that showed all over in my work.

I’m going to post more details another day- time to get back to all that other stuff- real life!