tropical girl

This image from Flickr inspired me.

The sketch-

So what do I think about a naked doll? I was originally planning a fairy with little wings on her back. I changed my mind, thinking of Gauguin’s Tahiti paintings. Of course, just now as I was searching for a link to those paintings, I see that they are nothing like my idea. So, I was thinking about my vague memory of Gauguin’s Tahiti paintings.

I left her body undetailed except for fingers. I figured it would be a case of not knowing when to stop.

I was unsure of this doll last night. I had not cut her “hair” into locks. After looking at her for a while, I decided it looked too Lawrence of Arabia. I was nervous about cutting, but I like it a lot better.

11 thoughts on “tropical girl

  1. I don’t comment much, but I visit your site with each new post you make. I love your island girl. Especially her hair! Have you thought about giving her a grass skirt or sarong around her hips…one that could be taken on and off. You could maybe to a grass skirt similar to how you fashioned her hair. That way she could be displayed dressed or undressed.

  2. I like her naked! It just seems…right. I thought Gauguin right away so I guess we both have a faulty memory! Well done, Friend!

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