girl with skinned knees

So I was listening to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me a while back and it came up that designer band-aids are the next big fashion accessory. It’s been percolating for a while…

I love the socks.

I think this is how she got her skinned knees- she looks like she is doing a flying leap off of something. Whee!

She has a cashmere twirly skirt. And her hair is made from the ribbed turtleneck from an angora blend sweater. Ribbing makes great hair. I saw it once on an antique cloth doll.

A profile-

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  1. Hi, I’m a “lurker.” I’ve been looking at your blog on and off for a month or two. Well actually, it started with a “blinge” (blog binge) where I had to go and look at all of your past work! Anyway, your work and work ethic is simply incredible. And in a world that seems crazy and ugly sometimes, your blog is an oasis of beauty, talent, intellegence and humor! From both me and my husband, thank you for doing what you do. We both want to buy some of your work- just a matter of making a descision! I’ll be keeping my eye on what’s available. If you feel like it- check out my husband’s work at

    P.S. After having a really good laugh at your giving away spent Alium flowers as “Free Magic Wands,” Jeff loves to point out the various “Magic Wands” we see in gardens and along the road… heehee!

  2. Well I seem to be running about a year behind! I only just discovered Craftypod and when I did I had to immediately download and listen to YOUR interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So good to hear your voice, your laughter, and your descriptions of your work and how it evolved. I love seeing all the people you create. This latest one seems like the perfect combination of tomboy and girly-girl – skinned knees and a twirly skirt and hairbows! LOVE the hair.

  3. She is marvelous! The hair is wonderful — I’ve never seen doll hair done with ribbing like that before — very effective. The slouchy socks are an excellent touch. Great job!

  4. black eyes and skinned knees? it’s the beginning of a school yard series! she is really lovely, mimi. i love her hair and her eyes especially.

  5. I don’t know what I love best – the red hairbows, the slouchy socks, the bandaids, that gorgeous striped sweater, her expression, etc… *sigh* Too many perfect touches to pick just one. I’ll just have to say she’s everything she should be. Thank you, Mimi, for another doll that puts a smile on my face :-D

  6. Oh I love her socks too! Those skinned knees and socks that won’t stay up, that was so me when I was eight or nine. I was forever running around the playground. Another amazing doll.

  7. just found your blog and fell instantly in love with your dolls!
    I comment on this one coz I used to have the same jumper, untill it got found by moths! Mine was thrifted.

  8. Oh wow! They just get better and better. I love her hair. I love her socks. I love her plasters (sorry – can’t bring myself to type band-aid). I love her!

  9. Oh just lovely! And pink polka-dot plasters are just the best – We only have winnie the pooh or pirates – not the best look for a busy mum who grabs the wrong one out of the cabinet on the way to school pick-up! I’d much prefer pink dotties!

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