South End Open Market with Boston Handmade

In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been finishing up so many pieces- I have a deadline- so inspiring! I will be at the South End Open Market this Sunday, with all my pals from Boston Handmade. For that reason, I haven’t been listing any of this most recent work in my Etsy shop. I will have an update next Monday, after the show.

3 thoughts on “South End Open Market with Boston Handmade

  1. Good Luck-I hope you sell out! I will be thinking the most postive thougths about you this weekend-hopefully the positive JUJU will help sales!

  2. My hubby’s on a business trip to NYC this weekend – how I wish I could have come with. I’d have abandoned him for Boston! (NY to Boston’s not too far when you’re coming from Alaska!)

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