doll make-over

I’ve done it again. I went back and redid the face on a doll I had previously declared finished. I couldn’t help it. She was haunting me.

Presenting the new Red-headed girl-

First I changed the mouth and I thought I was done. Hmm. Nope. Then I trimmed her bangs. Much better. Done? No, still not right. Okay, new eyes. Now I’m happy. And she is happy too!

So much better!

Here is a link to the original “finished” doll. I’ve deleted some of the photos, on the blog and on Flickr.

16 thoughts on “doll make-over

  1. Its amazing what a few tweaks here and there do. She looks so much brighter now, before she seemed to have a quizzical look about her.

    Finally worked out how to embed a video on my wordpress blog. So not only are you on my creative blog but you are also on day to day blog. I think I might become a video demon now!

  2. It’s so subtle and I agree with Jacqui – just a little tweak here and there. Before she looked a little on the languid side, now clear-eyed and curious.

  3. Isn’t it nice that the dolls live in a world where, if we think they look unhappy, we can just make them a new face! One of my favorite things aout dolls.

  4. I am inspired by your openness to change… when I look at a doll I’m not that happy with it is so liberating to unpick and try something else without feeling like I have to stick with what I started with. Thanks :D

  5. You know, I thought she was sad but beautiful before. But she’s even more beautiful now that she’s no longer dwelling on unhappy thoughts.

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