girl in red

Summer weather has finally arrived. It is hot and humid here- which can make getting inspired to work on wool dolls a bit of a challenge. Everyone looks hot to me today. I am trying to think back-to-school fashion thoughts.

My girl in red-



With a green shrug, because that is my favorite color combo. And, she has a felt shoulder bag.

Here she is with her stuff.



I finished her up this morning and have spent the afternoon putting faces on the rest of the partially finished dolls that have been lolling around on my desk.

My work motto- uninspired? Just do something.

Having the faces on them will really help me figure out who they are.

update- 9/20- I redid her mouth and updated all the photos.

8 thoughts on “girl in red

  1. Do you think about the expressions before you sew them on, or do they just happen? I love the girl in red’s “first day of school” look.

  2. The schoolgirl in red looks a bit apprehensive. Maybe she’s doesn’t like the thought of school, though you’ve dressed her so beautifully.

  3. Yup, she definitely looks like she is sorry summer is over. I like the baldy headed photos of the rest of them.

  4. oh, she’s beautiful! I’m sure she’s sort of sad that summer is almost over but she can’t wait to wear all her new sweaters and socks!!!

  5. I am going to follow your motto and “just do something.” After I procrastinate a little bit longer… Love the warm hues, red is my favorite color.

  6. i did something today too!! it does bring on the motivation and inspiration. too bad i don’t do that with excersize. hee hee. cute gal.

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