travel and all

I’m trying to get back on track here.

I was away last weekend, visiting my sister in South Carolina- Hi Tina! There was quite a bit of time sitting in airports and on planes so I put together some project bags. I cut out 4 Purl girls. I put the parts for each girl in a separate zip bag. I added the matching floss colors to each bag. In one of the bags I added needles and small scissors. I filled a gallon bag with wool stuffing and some small forceps. I brought tools that I wouldn’t mind losing, in case airport security made a fuss. They didn’t.


It worked out really well. By the time I returned, I had done all I could. That was not because I was finished, but because I had underestimated how much stuffing I’d need! I also underestimated how much floss I needed but I was able to add some from Tina’s stash. All in all, it was an excellent travel project.

We drove to Charleston, SC for a day. I felt very much away from New England- pink houses and palm trees- ah!


We ate some fantastic southern cuisine- like these fried green tomatoes… oops! We’d gobbled them up before I thought to take the photo- so delicious!


We drove to the ocean and walked in the water.


Then, an amazing rainbow on the way back to Columbia.


I am back home now, trying to get my thoughts back to my work.


I am having a really hard time adjusting to the new space. For every hour I work, I seem to spend 2 hours rearranging. I am sure it will settle down soon… I hope?

Let me see- other news. Two weeks in, the son seems to be very happy at Art School. He is home for the weekend. And he now has a tattoo. Um, is this surprising? I guess not. Actually the artwork is very nice.

My brother and sister-in-law have an etsy shop. How fantastic is this card!  So many of my friends and relatives are getting Etsy shops that I need to get my act together and make a page with all their links. Geesh, that list of things I ought to do is so long… yeah, when I have time. OK.

9 thoughts on “travel and all

  1. You could have photoshopped some fried green tomatoes back into that picture of our lunch – Now that you’re an expert at photoshop :D

    I wish the double rainbow had shown up in that rear view mirror shot. What an image!

    I had a great weekend, Mimi. Let’s make it an annual event.

  2. i do that too…baggie up my projects for travel. but am never quite ambitious enough to get to the stuffing!!

    so. a tattoo eh? sounds like you’re dealing with it ok. i guess they do eventually grow up, don’t they.

    are yours the feet on the left? glad you had a nice time with your sister.

    i’ve missed you!! so many wonderful things to catch up on here at DOLL

  3. Excellent trip! It’s nice to get out and see something new. And fried green tomatoes?? I don’t know about them… ;) Good luck with getting back on track…I know how you feel!!

  4. Hi Mimi: Your trip to SC makes me want to go back again real soon. Hopefully this winter for a month would be wonderful. We have talked about renting a place this winter, we’ll see how family events go. I have yet to try the fried green tomatoes, I’ll have to remember that the next time I go down. I see you saw some of the wonderful southern homes ! Arent they grand. Take care and good luck on getting everything settled in your new stuido. !!!

  5. I think my 5 month old deleted my first entry.

    Your Charleston page makes me homesick. When you are back there have your sister in law take you to Hominy Grill off of Cannon street. The best southern fare and the best restaurant in Charleston from a old local point of view. Also stop by to People Places and Quilts in Summerville off of 26 to Columbia. One of the best quilting stores in the country! The fabrics area amazing!

    Going back home to visit my family next week I am thrilled!

    I am loving your supply box, what a great idea!

    Love your dolls, very inspriring!

  6. Hello Mimi, What a joy your blog is for me! I cannot tell you how I relate to you. Minimalist NOT and me neither. Heck and artist needs her materials and it’s part of the process to continuosuly collect. I too do thrift shops, rummages (tag sales) and church rummages. I have all kinds of “departments” thoughout my house. Actually my house is my studio. Lately I’ve not found many unused materials (fabrics of any kind) at thift shops or rummages. Fabrics are soooo expensive at quilt shops. I have bags of wool all prepped for rug braiding in my attic (later project) and use cottons in crocheted rugs. Also I collect dolls….lots of them. Just so enjoy your site. Another passion is ties…made a lot of things from ties. Love the feels of the fabrics and the variety. Thanks from Milwaukee

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