etsy update and vintage fabrics

I am going to be listing the three tattooed ladies on Etsy around 3pm (ET) this afternoon. Yesterday I cut out 6 more. I’m having fun with these ladies!

I didn’t want to post just that announcement- so boring and no pictures. So here are some photos of a few favorite vintage fabrics in my collection- I know, I probably should have ironed them…


What is that cloth called with the texture of little squares? Waffle weave? This (above) is a remnant with a small amount of this very cute border and a lot more of the square dots.

Below is a silky fabric- maybe rayon? I’ve never tried testing it. It is an unfinished dress as far as I can tell. From someones wip pile.


And this little piece is a real favorite- I keep it hanging in my studio. I can imagine a tablecloth, but much more fun would be a little girls’ puffy skirt.


I hope to post more fabric photos, every once in a while. I’ve got some great ones! They have come to me from 3 places- my mom’s stash, my doll club, and from a friend who bought a house that had an attic full of a former seamstress’s collection. She had a sale where you could fill a bag for $10. So many treasures!

6 thoughts on “etsy update and vintage fabrics

  1. I can’t wait to see your new dolls. I was a the store Purl in Soho and I saw one of your doll. It was so great to see and get to hold it. You are such an inspiration!


  2. Oh the one with the birds is wonderful! I have a vintage linen with brown swallows swooping all over it that you would swoon over! How lovely it would be to have a cup of tea together and chat vintage fabrics!

  3. what a feeling in those old fabrics :) I´m looking forward to see more!
    an attic full of fabrics – what a dream!

  4. Ooh I do so love fabric, great topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to see more! Hugs,
    to ya!

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