Halloween sale

I am having a 20% off sale of everything in my Etsy shop, starting now and ending at midnight, 10/31 wherever. Just write “blog” in a buyers message, or send me a convo with that information and I will refund 20% of the selling price (not shipping).

Okay, now that you are back, let me explain. When the market was canceled 2 weeks ago, I was left with a vague feeling of letdown. And, a pile of dolls with nowhere to go. There is no greater disincentive for me to get to work then having many finished dolls looking at me. I’ve got to get those guys moving out and get the energy going into new work. So, I thought I’d give this a try!

It’s not as if I am not working. I am just not finishing anything.


I am working away on the pattern- tweaking, testing. Today I worked on photographing the steps. Mostly done with the kitty part.


Next, the clothes.

And some more tattooed ladies-


and now for some nature photos because Hey! It’s autumn and everything is very pretty right now!



10 thoughts on “Halloween sale

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  2. sorry about the cancelled market! Hope you can have a hugely succesful sale and it will give you the incentive to work even harder. your new kitties are incredibly cuddly looking and have the most distinctive little snouts… I sure wouldn’t mind cuddling up to one myself! :)
    Happy weekend!

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  4. Your autumn photos are beautiful! It’s fun seeing your happy creations photographed in groups, like the kitties. Such sweet faces.

  5. I love seeing your work in progress mimi. it gets my fingers itching. thanks for putting those pics up.

    How disappointing to have all that hard work stalled with the cancellation – are you doing any pre-christmas fairs? I wish I could beam over from the UK to come along to one of your fairs – one day i will!

  6. I subscribe to your blog. On the e-mail the two bottom photos have no space between them. They are nice photos on their own but together they look really cool. I really love it. It is very painterly. Good luck with the sale

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