tattooed lady

Here she is in the sun so you can see her figure (boobs) a little better-

I love this orange fabric. I am going to be very sad when I run out.

She is 20 1/2″ tall. I am trying to finish up a few more dolls this weekend and I hope to get them on Etsy, early next week.

12 thoughts on “tattooed lady

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  2. She’s lovely! I was admiring her ample hips and didn’t notice her ‘breasts’ until you pointed them out. It just adds to the whole wonderfully feminine package.

  3. cool doll. You know – I just fell onto an interview with you on CraftyPod. It is an old one but I enjoyed hearing your voice and getting to know how you started off.

    You are the one that started me off. ;) – your pattern (from purlbee) I adapted for my own purpose of dolls is still being used. Although I don’t make dolls as often as I like.

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