grey-haired, mostly bald dude

but let me butt in here to mention that today is my wedding anniversary- 30 YEARS! Woohoo!

And now back to regularly scheduled programming.

I had fun playing with my variegated grey floss to do the hair. More applied ears on this one-

He has the Statue of Liberty and the White House on his toile/tattoos.

And, the poppies are blooming!

16 thoughts on “grey-haired, mostly bald dude

  1. Oh, Mimi, he is such a handsome dude! Love the hair, mustache, tats and suspenders!
    And congratulations on #30!
    (My guy and I are coming up on #31, and I consider myself a very lucky woman to still have my best buddy at my side.)

  2. I’m impressed by the stitching on his face and know that you must redo it over and over to get the right expression, especially in the eyes. And ears are a most advanced development!

  3. Hi Mimi,
    Speaking of anniversaries Mt. St. Helens blew up on your anniversary! Do you suppose there is any connection?

    Great doll as usual.
    Connie Turner

  4. 30 year anniversary! Mimi that’s fantastic. Congrats to you and Ben… Gosh that is so inspiring… Oh and your tattooed man with the hair-stache is incredible. Nicely done!

  5. Happy 30th! That is awesome. Love the doll. That toile is so amazing. At first, when you were talking about the ears, I thought you meant you embroidered hair in his ears. I thought that was a real hoot. Then, I realized I misread what you said. So, there’s an idea for you for the future! haha! My husband always jokes about how as he gets older he gets hair in his ears, like his grandpa used to. We get a good laugh out of that.

  6. He looks incredible. Really fantastic!
    I finally finished my Purl Girl and blogged about her (and you) today. Thanks for the wonderful pattern.

  7. Im a tattoo artist in Allentown PA I was wondering if these dolls are for sale this doll especially!!… I love it

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