and some tiny worlds

after doing a class, I have a number of partially finished pieces and I always have fun finishing them up.

This one was certainly inspired by all the foresty tiny worlds that happened on Saturday.

I had a fun expedition up to Dorr Mill Store yesterday and came home with a big bag of fabrics- always inspiring! They are now all getting washed and ready for projects. Back to the studio!

10 thoughts on “and some tiny worlds

  1. I love the thatched roof on the first tiny world, and the green cup is just the right setting for that woodsy home. The evergreen trees are so perfect!

  2. oh how I wish I lived close enough to take a class!! That last one is fabulous!!! Ever thought about doing an online class for all of us far far awayers? ;)

  3. Mimi — Just perused your fine posts and smiled at your fine art work.You cover a lot of territory in your life — mom, wife, artist, instructor, blogger, entrepreneur, and I am sure more. Your designs are rendered so beautifully. My favorite is bird lady. Your header is beautiful. — barbara

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  5. You can tell that you have fun. I adore these tiny worlds. One day I will have to add one to the beginnings of my Mimi Kirchner collection!

  6. Absolutely wonderful work, Congratulations. I wish I could go to one of your workshops!!!! We are so far …..I will keep on reading your blog.
    from London UK

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