time for some foxes

One finished so far-

I love this Cloud9 Organic cotton- a perfect fox skirt print.

I cannot think of the right word to describe the color of her coat- a yellowish-green. Too yellow for Lime or Avacado. Kind of light olive but not really. Help!

She has a very dark red shawl that closes with a glass shoe button. The buttons on the coat are some that I’ve been saving for a long time- just waiting for the right project. Her bag is dark brown wool felt. I love my wool felt.

Here is all her stuff and the rest of her dress-

and the backs-

btw- I bought my Cloud9 fabric last week when we had the Crafty Biz meet-up at Gather Here in Cambridge. What a fun venue! There is tons of gorgeous fabrics, great books that I’ve only seen online so I got to browse them in person, embroidery floss not displayed in the darkest corner of the store (why does every other store do that!), and tons of other stuff that I am not quite so interested in,  like yarn and classes and, and, and… so much! See Kerry’s fantastic photos and description here.

19 thoughts on “time for some foxes

  1. So adorable! Her jacket is one of my favorite colors- “chartreuse” : A clear light green with a yellowish tinge. And the combo with the dark red is awesome! (I remember a couch we had from the early 50s- bring floral print in those colors…)

  2. So lovely! I like the “chartreuse” idea, and would add “split pea” as a possible descriptor of that beautiful color. Wonderful work, Mimi!

  3. I have just discovered your wonderful website. I love your dolls and their charming outfits. Foxes, men with tattoos, bird ladies, I love them all!

  4. Mimi, I’ve been meaning to put in this request for a while: An e-book of your soft doll clothing patterns. I just LOVE all of the outfits your create! Where do I find Crafty Biz meeting info? I can make it to the one in May, I think.

  5. Too adorable! – the fabrics, the buttons, it all adds up. She really needs to feature in a children’s story, maybe about a fox private detective (those vigilant eyes, those twitching ears…).

    Yes, I vote for ‘chartreuse’ too. Looks especially lovely with all those red tones.

  6. My favorite Fox so far ! Fabulous selection of colors, amazing accessories too !

    I like ‘chartruse’ however, I think of the color as split pea soup !! BTW I like split pea soup ; > }

  7. I love everything about this Fox! And am so glad you all came to our little shop and the Cloud9 fabric was used so perfectly. Thank you for the mention and I hope we see you again. (I’m kicking myself for not snagging that Fox when she was listed on Etsy… :(…)

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