fairy tale fox girl

I love how she turned out, but honestly, that dress was a REAL challenge!

Her dress is green wool with some ribbon I’ve been saving forever. And some cotton rick rack.

She has a wool shawl made from an Eileen Fisher sweater, found at the thrift store a long while ago. It is an amazing woven pattern knit and it didn’t shrink at all so it has been waiting a long time to find it’s place.

She has a very fuzzy (wool/angora blend) nose.

I felt she needed a basket, even though she doesn’t have hands to hold it. It will stay if I slip it onto her arm, but at a funny angle. You can see it in the first photo.

Her apron is made from a vintage (or maybe antique) handkerchief. I originally made the ties out of the top of the hankie but the fabric is weak and when I tried to tie the bow, it shred- so sad! I replaced them with a newer, stronger piece of white cotton lawn.

I like dolls whose clothes can be taken off. These clothes could theoretically come off but it takes a bit of doll acrobatics. So I left everything in place for the photos.

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  1. How beautiful she is! I love her outfit. Like always your work is so amazing!

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