professor fox

I tried to make this be more of an attache case than a messenger bag. Top stitching the tiny felt parts was a challenge. I discovered that if I iron them onto freezer paper, the top stitching goes smoothly- no felt getting sucked into the feed dogs. After the stitching, I picked off the paper.

Here is the inside look. The coat closes with a snap and has a decorative button on the outside. The bowtie is sewed onto a little safety pin so it can come off too.

10 thoughts on “professor fox

  1. He looks very smart with the bow tie.

    Mimi, your teacup pincushion came yesterday and it is just so magical! Thank you. It was just like opening up a Christmas gift.

  2. He’s my favorite of all the foxes! (I should admit to having a thing for professors….)

  3. Oh my goodness! Those are bunnies on his waist coat lining! Absolutely perfect for a foxy professor. Very dashing indeed!

  4. This guy is so cute! How cute would it be if he had little patches on the elbows of his blazer?

    Love your work, I lurk here a lot.

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