scale photos

I get requests for some indication of scale for my dolls. I find it is more difficult than you’d think. Having a person in the photo helps a lot.

I just don’t often have a photographable person around. Peter left yesterday to spend the summer working in Ithaca, NY. I hope we can visit him some time while he is there.

Here are all the foxes, waiting to get their labels.

12 thoughts on “scale photos

  1. Love the foxes. Will there be a pattern? I made three owls. Gave two away and the third is perched in my sewing space. They were a big hit.

  2. Oh, thank you for showing their size, Mimi! – see, it’s the little scaled down bags that get me… too cute. And it’s wonderful to see them all lined up on the table.

    Sorry to hear you’ll be losing your scale model for a while.

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