other things that got done

When I am getting ready for a show or a trip, all kinds of random things get finished. And not just dolls. I think I make myself a new bag before many trips. And lately, it has been summer shirts.

The polka dots is a light weight linen. The plaid is a vintage cotton from my mom’s stash, probably from the late 60’s.

and earring-

The things is, I never think about my clothes, accessories or jewelry unless I am doing an event or packing my suitcase for a trip. And why should I? I work at home where my main consideration is comfort. And then, all of a sudden I start obsessing about what I’m going to wear!

I’ve started making shirts (and other clothes too) by making patterns from old ones that I like, that fit and have worn out. I cut them up and trace the pieces. These two shirts were made by tracing the pieces of 2 other shirts that are no longer wearable. The polka dot shirt is the fourth one I’ve made from one shirt that I really liked. I used the shirt directions in the book Sew U to help me with pattern piece placement and instructions for how to put them all back together. I make clothes this way because of my dissatisfaction with commercial patterns. I guess I must be of an age or body type that doesn’t match up with the patterns. And I don’t have the patience or knowledge to alter (or completely rework) them. When I try matching up my I-know-this-fits pattern pieces to commercial patterns that I have spent (wasted) money on, they seem to be quite different. Hmm… mystery!

7 thoughts on “other things that got done

  1. I know exactly how you feel! Working at home gives us the freedom to dress however we please, always comfortable, no mirror needed!

  2. Oh, you are so clever, Mimi! I bought myself a little tracing wheel in preparation for copying clothes that work for me, but actually making anything is still on my List of Things I Haven’t Done Yet. Clothes angst: yeah, why bother unless you have to? Those earings are just too cute.

  3. Gorgeous shirts! Love the linen, but how great to have such cool, vintage fabric in your stash! I’m jeal!
    The earrings are super cute. How did you make the bottom dangling part? All very cute/clever!

  4. because your shirts are so YOU! and you would never see a mimi shirt like that in any store.

    (i’m getting packed for the weekend, but am not hopeful of any free time…don’t even know yet what hotel…*sigh*…but fingers are still crossed)

  5. I like that you are making your own clothes. I want to do that more too.
    And your earrings are very cute! I made a Grenadier Brooche for myself, just for yesterdays event. But after mine was finished I couldn´t stop making some more

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