I like these pants

It is a reddish brown color- I think it’s called oxblood.

did you feel the earthquake? I’m a little bit disappointed because I didn’t. My husband, who was in an office about a mile away, felt it strongly.

8 thoughts on “I like these pants

  1. I like his pants too ~ handsome guy.
    Being from the west coast, I’ve been in a few earthquakes and don’t care for the earth shifting under my feet, thank you very much.

  2. I did not feel the earthquake in Watertown. I think the man in the oxblood pants and the lady in the black tutu make a lovely couple.

  3. Oh, my, yes–great pants!

    My daughter and son felt the quake here in Connecticut, but my son and I somehow overlooked it.

    It was the dogs who had the keenest instincts–at the exact moment of the quake here they both suddenly awakened from their power naps and went crazy barking at apparently nothing–we may have to start paying more attention to them!

  4. Witty, graceful placement of angels/putti around the tiny nipple. The detail is marvelous, Mimi. Is that a dimple in his chin? Whatever it is, it’s perfect!

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