going to the dogs

I know. I just can’t help it with the lame jokes.

It is getting cold around here. I thought he needed a scarf.

I wasn’t satisfied with the edge between the sweater and the dog body parts. I had already put the ribbing at the neck, but that didn’t work with the scale at the wrist and the bottom edge. I added a couched edge, stitching down a layer of yarn- about 8 lengths of wool. I am happy with that finish. You can’t really notice it in the photo and but it softens, finishes and covers the seam- all good.

Next, dog #2-

His ears are made of a wool/angora blend. So soft. I did a blanket stitch around the bottom of his sweater.

Why do these dogs make me think of beatniks?

And, Miss Dog #3

I have one more finished but it is too dark to photograph today. I’ll show you tomorrow. My natural inclination would be to spend another week or so on these doggies- making thin ones, fat ones, all kinds of colors and textures, accessorizing with beatnik paraphernalia, all the fun stuff. But, that can’t happen right now unless I want to show up at the markets I’m doing in just a few short weeks with only dogs. Which wouldn’t be too terrible, except next year, when I end up with no dogs, people will wonder, eh? So, onward to try to have a decently rounded out inventory. The push of the holiday season!

7 thoughts on “going to the dogs

  1. I think Miss Dog might be the most Beatnik-y element, but can’t you imagine them all howling along to Dave Brubeck? Is her sweater made from a Gap sweater, by any chance? Looks like something languishing in my wool collection. They are genius, Mimi. Look forward to the next litter.

  2. Every selfrespecting dog needs a scaRUff (hahaha) I love the second dog with the darker eyes!! The she-dog looks a bit grumpy to me. She looks caught in the headlights and none to happy about it! Second dog is definately my fav! Nice autumny sweater.. love him!

  3. I love the idea of the dog ears made with the wool/angora blend. I love my dog’s soft ears – I have to give them a stroke whenever I come home from work.

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