So Handsome!


If you believe that I have control over how these faces turn out, you’d be wrong. I use a water-erasable marker to mark out where the features go and draw in a rough sketch. If I had any real control, all the faces would be the same. But, as you might notice, they don’t because I don’t. I start stitching and whoever it turns out that they are, appears!

And I think this one is particularly appealing!

I spent some time in the garden over the weekend. I worked on the compost pile- which is great news because it means my back is MUCH better- Hurray! My favorite gardening toy is my compost thermometer (I’ve probably mentioned that before) and you can see here that my pile was close to 130 degrees F this morning. That’s my idea of excitement!


11 thoughts on “So Handsome!

  1. He looks Clark Gable-ish to me. Debonair with flair.

    I’d love to start a compost pile, but color me skeeered. I know, I should just get over it and do it. Is it difficult?

  2. So I found you thru Needlework news when your tattooed ladies were featured there. My 26 y/o daughter thought they were the bomb. The “ginger” you posted yesterday was the most yummy “man” I had seen,until this gent today. Oh if only they were real and life-sized! LOL I became a follower of your blog after the ladies. The dogs are the CUTEST.THINGS.EVER. But these men….oohlala!!!

  3. I love the dolls ! The one thing that always bugs me is that the crotch often looks like the butt. Just saying…other than that just perfect.

  4. I know these are not anatomical but so many of the other details are so well executed …just an observation from the peanut gallery !

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