trying out the new dog pattern tweeks

Here is the first of the pattern tweeks. I cut the pattern down the center (lengthwise) and added about one inch in the middle. Then new nose, new tail, shorter arms and slightly different ears.

Voila! A pug!

I put a pipe cleaner into the tail so I could make it curl.

I am still wondering about the mouth. The black stitching doesn’t show up in the photos- I’ve lightened it up here.

It is all pretty dark in real life too. I might have to think about highlighting it. I’m still thinking. Also, she might just need a giant bow on her head…


10 thoughts on “trying out the new dog pattern tweeks

  1. I don’t know if you need to highlight the features on the mouth. I have a pug and it’s all just a dark mess, you can’t tell what anything is in real life.

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