first day of school fox

I imagine this little fox girl is starting her first day of kindergarten.

I was thinking about this photograph when I designed the clothes- that is me on the left.

I grew up in an era where little girls wore dresses to school- even Nursery School and kindergarten. We did not carry backpacks like this little fox though. She got all her supplies ready- 2 notebooks, a penny for lunch and a pencil.

She is wearing skirt and shirt, both made from some more of my Heather Ross stash. I’ve been saving the gnomes for something special.

Her jacket is super-soft corduroy.


14 thoughts on “first day of school fox

  1. Mimi, The fox girls are ADORABLE. Kindergarten Girl will be the envy of her classmates, especially because of the pretty blue coat perfectly complementing the gnomes. Happy days!

  2. Love the details again! The fabrics are super cute and the little backpack with supplies is nothing short of awesome!! : )

  3. I grew up in an era where we wore dresses all the time (my mom sometimes even put me in a coordinating pinafore/smock thing that went over it!). Possibly for that reason, I still wear dresses and skirt suits most days to work!

    But your little foxy girl – I love! She’s so sweet, and her slightly trepidatious expression makes me want to hug her and tell her not to worry. She’ll make lots of friends (or one good friend according to her personality) and she’ll be fine. :)

  4. Be still my heart! I love her! The gnome fabric is perfection with the blue ric-rac.

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  6. I grew up in the same era and maybe even earlier. We didn’t have as many clothes as children do now. In fact, even in high school, no pants were allowed. A couple of years later, my sister wore jeans to school. I love this little fox. Surely you have an Etsy store. I will try to find it.

    Mary Dailey

  7. I cannot believe how small the pencil is in her pack. I love that you wore dresses to school and that was the inspiration for this going back to school fox. The gnome skirt material is wonderful. Glad you saved it for her.

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