another professor fox

This fox is of the absent-minded variety.

He has all the professorial necessities- elbow patches,

a beautiful soft leather briefcase.

But when you look inside- very disorganized! A nice red leather bound book but mostly a mess of papers.

Don’t worry though; he’ll be at school on time.

I am going to take all these foxes to Chicago for the Renegade Market. Whatever comes back home with me will go into my shop soon after September 12. And look! I was Spotlighted on the Renegade blog yesterday!

7 thoughts on “another professor fox

  1. I love but he need one glass. The teachers some time have glass to see better. Maria Alice

  2. I think he needs glasses! That is his problem I am sure. It is not that he is disorganized, he just can’t see well enough!

  3. Hi Mimi! I just opened the box with “my new man” in it! I purchased the Patriotic Tatoo Man and I absolutely am in love! Thanks also for the fall garland! My daughter purchased wool garland for her room at the Renegade show. She loves it! Thanks again…unbelievable workmanship!

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