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I know it has been quiet here and that might be true for a while. I have a big, un-blog-able project to finish up. I am heading down to Stamford, Connecticut and going to the NIADA conference on Thursday. I’m hoping to have my project mostly done although I know in my rational head that that is totally unrealistic.

To tell the truth, my Chicago trip knocked me for a loop. I can’t blame how I’m currently feeling entirely on the trip- I’ve been heading in that direction for a while. I’ve been spending too much time on things that aren’t making me happy with the direction my art life is going. I’ve got to slow down and do some reflecting. Way back in December I was feeling like things were getting off track. The Chicago trip was just the last straw I guess. My mood was off the whole time I was there. I seemed to be feeling very fragile. Loads of nice people came into my booth but I only seemed to hear the horrible things that got said (Really people, do you not realize that the maker of the work is standing right there?!) I was having some vague allergic reaction that was making me itch, part of my display got totally soaked on Saturday night, I had some booth neighbors who need to learn some show etiquette, a giant dog came into my booth and grabbed one of the dolls…  yep, not a great time.

So, I am trying to imagine how I might redirect my energies in the coming months to get to a better place. Firstly, I will not be doing any Holiday markets or shows this year. I will continue to stock my Etsy shop and that will be how I will manage my holiday season sales. I’ve got other ideas going around in my head but will keep them to myself for now. I just know for sure that I want to have some time with no deadlines and no demands. Sounds good, right! And, eventually I will post some photos of our trip to House On the Rock.


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that so many things went wrong in a row. I’m sure those things will always be lurking, but did they all have to gang up on you at once? Rotten creeps! The people who love and appreciate your work, will find you at Etsy and it will make your holiday work load a little less hectic.
    I wish you luck in your re-centering, life needs occasional reflection.

  2. You will get there. You are insanely talented and your creative spirit won’t be dampened for long. Take a rest and then just go with your flow. I look forward to seeing your new ideas come to life. xo, suzy

  3. Mimi-first of all I love what you do and I have one of your DOLLS. My husband bought it for me for Valentines Day and I love it. I hear what you are saying. I am an artist-craftsperson (who enjoys making a doll now and then) that has gone through so many changes as I am sure you have too. I have done the fairs, the wholesale markets,owned a store and now at 48 Im focusing on selling online. I am tired of consigning and I think the fairs can be the best or the worst. The weather, the people, the DOGS! it is a whole lot of work. I just had a big sale at my house and it was a great success. We have to do business our own way in our own time. You will figure it out. You are so talented. Sending you good thoughts and lots of TLC. <3

  4. Hope you can take the time to get back on the track you want to be on. When you come back refreshed and focused, your work will be even better!

  5. Mimi, I have met you at your home, and I agree with other commenters, you are insanely talented. I’m the proud owner of some of your work, and I follow your blog faithfully. Only one thought, having met you I think we might be of the same generation (or close, but I’m older ;). What I found was that I had to retool and shift gears slightly as time passed. What was once exciting and easy becomes a bit stale and harder. Enthusiasm wanes unless we recognize that. Be well, stay creative, but be sure not to push harder than the body and psyche wants to be pushed. Not saying any of us are old, mind you, but life has its seasons.

  6. Doing fairs and interacting with the public can be so draining! You’ve reached a point where you can let your art lead the way. Go where it takes you, not where others think you should be!

  7. I was wondering why it was taking longer to post those Fair photos. Now I understand…how unfortunate that you had such a bad experience! First let me say that I think you are a huge talent and I love what you make & follow your blog. I admire you for putting yourself out there in the public eye. That takes guts, it is so much easier to sell things online where you don’t have to interact with those that are less appreciative of your efforts. I have never been a vendor at craft shows but as an avid fan of all crafts I enjoy seeing what people are making and creating, even if I don’t myself care for the product, I can appreciate the effort, thought & soul that went into making it. There are a lot of tactless people out there but, hopefully they are overshadowed by the nice ones. I hope your time of reflection is a productive one & that you “get your groove back” whatever that may be for you. Sending you positive thoughts of encouragement! : )

  8. Oh, Mimi, I’m so sorry about your latest experience at Renegade. I’m glad you’re taking this time to reflect and figure out which direction you want to go. Sending you good thoughts. You are so incredibly talented!

  9. Mimi, I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been such an unsatisfactory time for you of late. You’re so wise to sit back and take stock. I think it shows how SANELY talented you are. ;) More power to your elbow… Big hug, – xxx

  10. I hope you’ll take some time and find your spark again.
    I’m such a big fan of your creativity.
    And so is my little one – we delight in visiting your blog and seeing what’s new. She’s not yet 3 and often asks when we can see the dolls again. : )

  11. I’m so sorry about the Renegade experience. It is a different crowd – you’re of my juried art fair age, and while I’ve found some of the new art at Renegade type fairs exciting and fresh, sometimes I’ve also found a lack of understanding about the depth of commitment required of the artist to produce truly unique art forms. “Wadda ya mean $200.00??!!! Why I bet I could do that for xxxx.” As an older art friend of mine has drilled into my mind, “___k ’em if they can take a joke”. You know yourself, you have a vision, and you can’t allow yourself to be driven by some other person’s lack of understanding. I think we’re in a difficult times for the committed serious craftsperson/artist

  12. Dang – slippery fingers – anyway I wanted to say that we need to find different ways to market our work. Etsy is a great one – if they don’t allow wholesalers to glut our marketplace! Studio tours, home sales – classes. You’ll be fine – it’s obvious from looking at your work that there is a deep well of inspiration. Best wishes.

  13. Mime, thank you for sharing what’s going on with you. It’s easy to see how Chicago was the “last straw”… wow! I’d feel fragile too given those circumstances.

    It looks as if the NIADA conference can be a great place to get re-inspired and re-charged to figure out what’s next and best for you. Thanks for all the sharing you’ve done and I hope you’re able to continue to blog as you morph into the next form of creativity!

  14. hello, just a few but sincere words of encouragement from France, with my best regards.

  15. Mimi,
    I can totally relate to your Renegade experience. Although it is a great fair, there are many challenges to be had. I had a table at Renegade LA and as soon as I showed up, I was frustrated because there was so much good competition that I had to compete with. Fairs aren’t like they used to be. They’ve gotten bigger, trendier and are drawing a different crowd.

    Fairs are exhausting and take all of your energy, so when something bad happens, you don’t have any reserve to really try and handle it.

    I get it, you had a bad few days, but now it’s time to let it go. It’s time to release the past and move towards the future. It’s okay to head in a different direction(the only thing constant is change) but don’t be so hard on yourself. You are uniquely talented and you just have to move on. If someone really wants your art, they will find you anyway.

    Don’t forget that you totally rock!

  16. Thanks for sharing your struggles as an artist. We have all been there! I used to spend months making inventory for shows and I did pretty well considering. But, I never made enough money at shows to compensate the time I had put in. And, you do have to deal with lots of people who have no clue about what you do and how. It was always very frustrating. I took a job doing something else so that I could continue doing my art as I like, without worrying about doing art shows to make money.

  17. I also find it necessary to ground myself and re-evaluate the direction of my life from time to time. It sucks that it had to be brought on by some negative experiences, but I’m positive that some good will come out of this, and that you’ll feel all the better for it. Your true fans adore and admire you and will follow your work no matter what direction it takes. Certainly don’t listen to any negativity! I know that is easier said than done, but as artists, we all know that we are truly in it to please ourselves and no one else. Best wishes!

  18. Mimi your work is exquisite and you are hugely talented. There are a lot of ignorant and insensitive people out there, and some with just plain bad manners! Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Sounds like you are making some good choices.

    Love and fair weather to you.

  19. hello. im really sad to read you are feeling off kilter with your creative life and about the series of yuck events that have happened recently. i just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. i’ve watched your etsy video quite a few times, often when i am having my own off moments and watching that video always helps me feel a bit sunnier. so thank you. and i wish you all the best as you create the space needed to feel a bit sunnier again. x

  20. I just wanted to say, you inspire me. Your creations are so fabulous they make me want to sew more so I can build up my skills and creativity.

    Thank you for sharing the ups and downs (and everything inbetween) on your blog.

  21. Saddened to hear that you’ve had a rough time. I am an emerging artist and craftserperson and have been so inspired by your art and your blog. I hope that you are refreshed and reenergised at the conference and also at House on the Rock – it looks like an amazing place!

  22. Good for you, Mimi. Taking some time off to reflect and figure out what kind of work and activities will be more meaningful and fulfilling for you. I’m sorry to hear about the Chicago trips problems and difficulties. It doesn’t sound pleasant. I know that the art and craft fairs can be draining to get ready for and do. Best wishes to you with your new endeavors.

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