and her sister

You can see the wavy fabric print here-

A vintage button-

I think they look like sisters, maybe even twins!

I will be putting these 2 ladies into my Etsy shop today and also this fine fellow. I never heard back from the person who commissioned him. In case you wonder why I don’t usually take commissions…

And, my toy designs are on sale over at Land Of Nod if you’ve been holding off on purchasing something.

3 thoughts on “and her sister

  1. The twins are wonderful! I’ve learned my lesson about commissions and ask for payment in advance….then I know they are serious. He’s a wonderful lumberjack too!

  2. They do look like sisters. I love the red stripes. Funny how the guy never claimed his awesome lumber jack. I’m sure it will sell anyway. Happy Holidays, Mimi and to all your bog readers!

  3. What stylish sisters! I just love the polka dot and striped trousers/shorts. They wear them well. I just love that you give your ladies hips……real women!

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